Dennylo Biography 2023 – Bio, Profile, History

Dennylo Biography 2023 – Bio, Profile, History

Dennylo Biography 2023: Dennylo was born in May 1997 in Amsterdan, Netherlands, which gained recognition by founding the company the Hype.

During his youth, while in school (which he did not finish), Dennylo was already spending most of his time on two things other than school: gaming and video editing. From the age of 12 to 18, Dennylo was a professional gamer where he gained many connections. As his ambitions remained unchanged, he wanted to start his own company as a video editor and eventually have people edit videos under his name. The existente name of Dennylo is Danilo.

Dennylo 2023 History

After completing his «Video Editing» course, Dennylo developed software with some other people as an interim step; he was then responsible for marketing, social media, B2B sales, and making commercials.

Two years later, Dennylo became a Personal Shopper because he had always had a lot of passion for fashion and he thought he could combine this well with social media; this was because at that time there were no personal shoppers who shared their position as «middleman» of famous characters on social media.

Dennylo met many artists and other famous Dutch people in this way and built many connections where he eventually built his career. However, he soon realized that foreign countries were much more interesting than the Netherlands and quickly shifted his focus to abroad.

Dennylo 2023 Business

Dennylo is the founder of the company The Hype, which organizes actions on social media with partners such as Rick Ross, Trippie Redd, Lil Yachty, and many others.

The marketing activities of Dennylo’s company continue to expand.

The Hype is a next-generation international marketing agency for brands and talent that specializes in «hyper-growth» marketing through social media campaigns: explosive campaigns tailored to the client’s needs. The Hype has a worldwide team of like-minded entrepreneurial individuals with various specialties who together understand the algorithm of hyper-growth.»

Dennylo 2023 Complete Profile

Real NameDanilo
BornMay, 1997
Height1,90 m
Social Media@dennylo

Dennylo Biography

Dennylo is a Dutch entrepreneur and rapper was born in Amsterdan, Netherlands.

Dennylo Picture

The social media of Dennylo is @dennylo